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Brian Bullock

  • Started HVAC in 1978
  • Plays in a hockey league
  • Enjoys gardening and working on his house

James (Jimmy) Majors

  • Started HVAC in 1979
  • Plays in a pool league
  • Collects hot wheels

William (Alex) Hawkey

  • Started HVAC in 2012
  • Plays in a bowling league
  • Enjoys traveling; he travels back to his hometown every year for his family reunion

Colin Ashcraft

  • Started HVAC in 2004
  • Stays busy with his 2 dogs and family
  • Enjoys vacationing with his family

Heather Burke
Office Manager

  • Started HVAC in 1994
  • Spends lots of time in her garden
  • Enjoys shopping and animals, and all things light and fluffy

Jonathan Rivas

  • Started HVAC in 2020
  • Stays busy with his two kids
  • Enjoys going on long bike rides with his family